ZOVER Screen Protector Installation Guide






Installation Tips:
1. Please turned off your iPhone before installation.
2. Make sure your hands have been washed, cleaned and dried.
3. Any dust/debris left on the screen will lead to air bubbles or unsuccessful installation.
4. Do not touch adhesive side of the screen protector. 





STEP 1: Wet Wipe   

Wipe the screen with wet wipe.


STEP 2: Dry Wipe


Use cleaning cloth to remove residual stains and moisture.


STEP 3: Dust Absorber Sticker   


Dab the sticker side of the dust-absorber to eliminate dust on the screen. 


STEP 4: Guidance Frame


Place the installation frame snugly on top of your phone.


STEP 5: Remove Protective Layer 


Remove protective layer of screen protector by pulling out the top rectangular tab. 


STEP 6: Align & Place On Screen


Align the screen protector with the installation frame snugly. Then Slowly place the screen protector onto the screen.


STEP 7: Softly Press The Screen            

Give it a soft press on the top of screen protector and then allow the adhesive surface to grip the screen naturally. 


STEP 8: Remove Bubbles & Frame


With one hand hold the screen protector down and with another hand, remove the installation frame. And then push out any remaining air bubbles. Your phone is now protected!