About Zover

Established in 2015, Zover has been always dedicated to meet its customers’ needs with its sincere and good service and produce amazing long lasting products with superior quality. Our success is based on our operational excellence and excellent handcraft coupled with a strong commitment to its design and quality. Today is an era of the pursuit, the mobile consumer seeks lifestyle brands and products that resonate with them. Widely acclaimed for its innovative, simple and excellent ideals, Zover products are recognized for style and engineered for performance, providing a seamless integration of hand craftsmanship and modern design.


About Craftsmanship

We have always cherished the strong traditions of hand craftsmanship. Every stitch is done with exact precision and extreme attention to detail. We have engineered cases that not only have that classic genuine feel of leather with a modern look and design, but also have ingrained luxury.


About Material and Design

100% genuine leather from nature. And effective design with a refinement. Even the leather cases are classic design, we combine cases with wallet making it different with multiple usages. We work hard to produce multifunctional products with superior quality and modern look.