Leather comes from nature. It breathes and has a natural elasticity and its own veins and natural pores. As a natural product, genuine leather has a superior quality which cannot be seen in faux leather or other plastic substitutes. Due to our leather comes from nature, after expressing a procession, there comes a beautiful leather case in high quality made by ZOVER. You may notice there is a smooth, soft, full and elastic feeling when you touch the surface of the leather.

When deciding to purchase our leather colored cases, you will become one of our distinguished customers. Therefore we have some following suggestions for you in terms of leather care.

-Avoid having your leather case see prolonged contact with other colored items.

-Protect your leather case from overheat and high humidity.  But please remember to put it in a ventilated place when it is not in use.

-Stay away from continued sunlight exposure, which may cause the color of your leather case to fade.

-Avoid rubbing your leather on rough surfaces and always avoid scratching, which is a good way of keeping your purchase beautiful in a long term.

Simple Maintenance Solutions

-Apply cleaning solution on dry cloth.

-Thoroughly wipe down the leather material of the case with the cloth.

-Use a separate unsoiled cloth to clean the cream/cleaner off the case to complete the upkeep.

-Avoid cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine or other mineral spirits as they will discolor and dry out leather.

-Never allow water to soak into your leather case. If the case gets wet, do not use a hair dryer on it. Instead, absorb as much water as possible with a thick microfiber hand towel and allow the case to air dry. Then, condition it again and store it.