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The iPhone X Seems To Have Developed Another Bug

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Some owners of the iPhone X have started experiencing a new issue with the phones most basic of functions – answering calls.

The iPhone X was released towards the end of 2017 to very mixed reviews.  Tim Cook hailed the phone as the device that would lead Apple into the next decade of iPhone’s yet many owners have been left disappointed their very expensive devices and the iPhone X has experienced a number of defects and bugs since it was rolled out.

The latest bug to raise its head affects the simplest and most essential function of any phone – the ability to answer incoming calls.  For a phone that’s armed with sophisticated facial recognition software and state of the art cameras, you would think calling would work flawlessly.

The complaint has been raised by hundreds of owners on Apple’s own forums which users detailing the fault.  When the phone rings the screen does not immediately switch on, sometimes being delayed for up to 10 seconds meaning that users are unable to tap the appropriate icon and answer the call.

One user reported “Whenever I receive an incoming call in my iPhone X, ringtones start but the display comes in after 6-8 seconds,”.  And the post was backed up by hundreds of other iPhone X users reporting the same issue.  Apple has said it is looking into the issue but as of yet no fix is available, nor has the company confirmed the bug.

Apple has reportedly shipped 29 million iPhone X’s since being released and was thought to be the most popular smart phone in the run up to Christmas 2017.  Apple claims the iPhone X has been its top selling and most popular recent device despite a down turn in sales.

The slump in sales has seen Apple miss analysts’ profit forecasts and the company’s share price took a 4% drop in a day last Friday.  The iPhone X has also been marked for cancellation this summer, the first time an iPhone has been cancelled in its first year since the iPhone 5C.

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